Air Duct Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Dallas-Fort Worth Air Duct Cleaning Service! Air ducts can collect harmful types of pollutants, which can be harmful to those breathing the air around them.


Air Duct Cleaning, vents, registers

Such contaminants include dander, dust, molds/fungus, and bacteria. All of these pollutants have been known to cause asthma or allergies or even in certain cases, chronic diseases. Diseases such as emphysema, tuberculosis, or high-level sarcoidosis.  With all of the concerned health risks that could be caused by your residential or commercial air-conditioning system, it is necessary to clean your air A.C. unit, ducts, and even furnace to ensure healthy air quality. Our Dallas-Fort Worth air duct cleaning service technicians will take care of the hard work for you!

Regular mopping, dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming makes a significant difference. A deeper clean, HVAC duct cleaning, such as carpet steaming, washing your curtains regularly, and upholstery cleaning, can all improve the quality of air. The filter in your HVAC system also makes a very significant difference!


Though having your air ducts cleaned by professionals is very advantageous to your health and home, it isn’t always enough. To guarantee that you are breathing in the air of the cleanest quality at all times, we suggest you stay up to date on all your filters.

Your air filters need to be changed at least every three months. If you have pets living within your home, then the filter should be changed every two months. Lastly, if you have multiple pets or suffer from allergies, you should change your filter every 20-45 days. 

Dust is collected from the duct filter

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