Mold Restoration

You do the best you can to keep your houses in good shape. It is a matter of pride and respect for our families and our community. However, sometimes these efforts are stymied by unexpected situations.


Moisture Meter reading 14.3

Knowledge and experience are a must when treating mold, via restoration and mold encapsulation, to eliminate the risk of health issues. Our Dallas-Fort Worth mold removal services team of professionals will properly identify, treat and remove the mold, and ensure the problem is contained and does not spread to other parts of your home or business.

Mold is one of those subversive property destroyers, creeping in thanks to water damage. Spores can start developing within 48 hours following water damage. If left untreated it can cause horrible smells and ruin even the finest of homes. It often performs the worst damages out of sight. The work required to address the original water issue can be intensive. However, this is only a part of restoring a house to its former grandeur and glory.

MOld Damage

Unfortunately, not all mold damage scenarios are created equal. Each incident has its own peculiarities and requirements. Some mold restoration procedures can involve containment, ventilation, cleaning, disinfection as well as encapsulation. Our friendly and professional Dallas-Fort Worth mold removal services staff is available 24/7/365 to assess your specific situation’s needs, offer a quote for services, and deliver quality work.

There is no way to remove all mold from a home. Sadly, mold is one of those ever-present nuisances. Any company that claims to be able to remove all mold from a home is not being realistic. The only option available to homeowners is to keep mold levels in acceptable, healthy ranges and to address infestations as they occur. Zeus Restoration’s mold restoration service may be your home’s last, best hope in the cases of outbreaks. Our Dallas-Fort Worth mold removal services team looks forward to the opportunity to address your mold concerns.

Mold behind kitchen cabinets.

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