Unexpected disasters seem to happen out of nowhere. That’s why Zeus Restoration is always on standby, around the clock, every day of the year. Reach out to us when you need disaster restoration services in Lakewood, TX, and we’ll promptly respond—often within an hour.

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Water Damage

Experiencing a roof leak, a concealed pipe burst, a malfunctioning water heater, or an unnoticed sink leak? Water damage can be more than just a soggy mess; it's one of the top culprits for property damage, and our water damage specialists in Lakewood, TX, are ready to tackle the moisture and restore your space. Read More

Fire Damage

When fire damages your Lakewood property, you can trust our experts for professional fire restoration services. Zeus Restoration possesses the expertise to evaluate the extent of fire and smoke damage and implement effective fire restoration solutions. Our master builder will carefully inspect and rebuild your structure. Read More

Mold Restoration

The presence of mold, mildew, or fungal growth can spell trouble for the structure and function of your home, and the health of your family. Wood framework can rot, and airborne spores can harm your respiratory system. Tackling mold on your own isn't just inefficient; it's risky. Rely on our dedicated mold damage team in Lakewood to rid your home of these harmful invaders. Read More


Regardless of the type of damage—whether from wind, fire, water, or mold—Lakewood’s disaster restoration team at Zeus Restoration is equipped to rejuvenate your property, often rebuilding it better than before. Our experts ensure the use of high-grade materials, doing our absolute best to replicate the previous designs and textures inside your home.Read More

Biohazard Restoration

Addressing hazardous biological materials requires specialized knowledge. Zeus Restoration is equipped to safely remove and dispose of such threats. Post cleanup, we conduct meticulous inspections to ensure no residual contaminants linger in your property. Safety is paramount in all our restoration endeavors. Read More

Air Duct Cleaning

Healthy living requires clean air. However, neglected air ducts can disperse mold and other contaminants. Pests such as rodents can leave behind dangerous residues in your ducts. Ensure the cleanliness and safety of your breathing space with our proficient services. Read More
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Setting the Standard in Quality Work

Disasters can happen at any moment to anyone. We understand the emotional trauma you are likely experiencing. We make sure we’re available when you unexpectedly need our services. Our Lakewood disaster restoration specialists are available around the clock, every day of the year. With over two decades in the restoration business, Zeus Restoration has cemented our reputation as the go-to experts for addressing mold, water, and fire damage. Book your consultation call or schedule your free inspection today.

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