For emergency board-ups and tarping services in the Dallas and Northeast Texas area, contact us. We can help with temporary boardups for incoming storms, or when buildings get damaged from fires. 


Board-Ups from emergency or storm preparation. 

  • Fire BOARD-UP
  • Security BOARD-UP
  • Auto-Home Impact BOARD-UP
  • Door/Window Damage BOARD-UP
  • Storm BOARD-UP
  • Lightning BOARD-UP
  • Securing Dangerous Structures (Falling Walls, etc.)
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Temporary Power

Rockwall And the Surrounding areas.  

Board-Ups. Securing structures and protecting personal and business assets after destructive events is an essential component in the loss restoration process.

When it comes to property board-ups for your Dallas + surrounding properties, we have you covered. When it comes time to close down a property, it is important to make sure you have a professional handle any board-ups necessary. This will ensure the minimal amount of vandalism and break-ins by making it harder for potential vandals to get into the property. A proper board-up also minimizes damage done to the property in the process, as well as can reduce the amount of wildlife and pests that may get into the building.

Board-Up and Tarping Services in Rockwall + Surrounding

Serving the Rockwall, TX area.  We are very aware that there are natural disasters in the area each year as well as burglaries, leaving homes and buildings open to additional damage and theft.

Zeus Restoration services the area with emergency board-up and tarping services for both commercial and residential properties. 

We  understand the stress as well as risk of additional damage as long as the structure isn’t secured. So we are available 24/7 and will arrive immediately.

We also provide temporary enclosures, barricades, temporary fencing, roof tarping, and coverage of openings and holes.  In the event of a fire, the windows may be broken, building materials are weakened from the flames, and the contents are vulnerable to theft or additional damage from outside sources.

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