Fire, Water, Mold Restoration, and Reconstruction

Zeus Restoration’s disaster restoration team in Fairview, TX, is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Disasters happen when you least expect them. That’s why we provide services any time, day or night, on both residential and commercial properties. Call our local disaster restoration experts in Fairview, TX and we can usually be there in less than an hour.

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Water Damage

Water damage is consistently near the top of lists ranking the most common home damage claims. Easily hidden or missed, water is a dynamic threat because it causes not only damage on its own but also creates environments for mold and mildew, which can compound the structural damage to your Fairview home or business. If you’ve had recent water damage, call our local water damage restoration team in Fairview, TX to make sure everything is dry and sanitary, inside and out.

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Fire Damage

Few homeowners spend time thinking about fire, which is why it takes many by surprise. When lightning strikes or a fire is doused, we provide immediate board-up and tarping services to protect your assets in Fairview, TX. Our fire damage restoration team will then assess the extent of the fire and water damage and will determine the steps needed to restore your home.

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Mold Restoration

Mold growth can remain unseen for a long time before its damage becomes apparent. By the time it’s found, it could have already caused extensive rot and unsightly stains on the walls, floors, and the ceiling of your home. Prolonged mold growth can also create airborne allergens that lead to unhealthy respiratory concerns. Call us for local mold remediation in Fairview, TX that can help prevent growing health hazards.

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Fire, flood, or a burst pipe—once the cleanup is done, it is likely that the disaster restoration for your Fairview property will require some reconstruction. Our team will focus on removing or repairing all damage and restoring your home or business to its original state, including paint colors, moulding styles, and wall textures.

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Biohazard Restoration

A biohazard can be anything from an animal carcass or dung in your crawl space to a discarded pile of needles or syringes or a post-fire chemical leak at an industrial facility. Whatever and wherever a biohazard disaster presents itself, it’s always best to let a professional like Zeus Restoration handle the cleanup and disposal.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Regularly changing the air filter in your home or business is always recommended to keep air quality high, but it is not always sufficient. Allergens, bacteria, viruses, and dust get into your ductwork and require professionals with the tools and expertise to scrub them out. At Zeus Restoration, our team has the time, tools, and talent to clear the air.

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We Deliver Quality Work

Fire, smoke, water, and mold can create overwhelming problems and emotional stress. When disaster strikes, no matter what time of the day or night, contact Zeus Restoration for mold, fire, and water damage restoration in Fairview, TX. With more than two decades of disaster restoration work in the Fairview area, we know how to set things right. Contact our professional disaster restoration team in Fairview, TX today and you’ll be on your way to having your home, business, and sanity restored.

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