Fire, Water, Mold Restoration, and Reconstruction

Zeus Restoration is dedicated to providing Garland, TX, with disaster restoration services, 24/7, 365. Disasters tend to happen when least expected; we provide restoration services that are better than expected. Just give us a call and our mold, fire, and water restoration team in Garland, TX can usually be on your property in less than an hour.

Our Services

Water Damage

Water ranks right up there with all the worst disasters that can happen to your home. It gets into the walls, warps and rots your floors, destroys your carpet, and promotes mold growth that, if not completely mitigated, will cause problems in the future for your property in Garland, TX. Our water damage restoration team is thorough. We won’t let that happen.

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Fire Damage

Fire is inarguably one of the worst disasters that can befall a home. There are blackened walls and belongings, water damage, smoke damage, and, more than likely, a big chunk of the property that needs to be rebuilt. It might seem overwhelming, but we’ve been there, done that a hundred times, and we do it well. Our fire damage restoration team in Garland, TX will  get your home back together again.

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Mold Restoration

It’s disconcerting when you find the same kind of fungal growth on your floors, walls, and carpets that you see on the rocks up on Smith Pinnacle. Molds and mildew are good indicators  that the wood in your home has begun to rot. The sooner our mold remediation experts in Garland, TX can get rid of the slime, the sooner your home becomes comfortable again.

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There are times when damage is so severe that it’s simpler and more cost-effective to tear everything out and start with fresh materials. Our experts will never recommend unnecessary work, but if you do need disaster restoration in your Garland home or business, our team is qualified to rebuild nearly any part of your property.

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Biohazard Restoration

Remediation of a biohazard should never be undertaken by a non-professional. The health risks are too great, and the process is often stressful. Our certified biohazard restoration team in Garland is committed to cleaning up as quickly as possible and restoring your home or business to its normal state.

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Air Duct Cleaning

All manner of filth and gunk collects in the vents and ductwork of your heating and cooling systems, and once the furnace or A/C unit turns, it blows all of it into the air. You don’t want to be inhaling dust, pollen, bacteria, or fungal spores. Let Zeus Restoration’s expert vent-scrubbers clear the air in your home or business.

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Flawlessly Beautiful Home Interior

We Deliver Quality Work

It’s never fun when your Garland home needs disaster restoration services. Our teams understand the stress and unsettling emotions of a disaster situation, so we are committed to providing you direct, honest, and detailed information throughout the restoration process to help make things go a little easier. You’ll feel better being kept in the loop, and when you work with Zeus for disaster restoration in the Garland, TX area, you can rest assured that you’ll be back to normal in no time.


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