Fire, Water, Mold Restoration, and Reconstruction

Our expert disaster restoration team in Melissa, TX, knows disasters happen when they are least expected, which is why we provide services any time, day or night. We can usually get to you in under an hour.

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Water Damage

Unmitigated water problems will eventually lead to further damage in your home or commercial building—mold and fungal growth, damage to the wood and concrete that provide structural stability, and loss of water-soaked sheetrock. Our local water damage restoration team helps Melissa, TX property owners identify where a leak is coming from, and once we find it, we repair the damage and make it look like nothing happened.

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Fire Damage

Damage from fire goes beyond just replacing or restoring the visibly burned sections of your property. There’s also smoke damage and the need to identify any structural areas that are compromised and could fail over time. It’s tempting to want to be back to “normal” as fast as possible, but rushing through fire damage restoration on your Melissa property only invites future problems. Let our detail-oriented and experienced fire damage restoration team in the Melissa, TX area get you back to “normal” the right way!

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Mold Restoration

Mold growth can create several problems. Spores can get into the air and create poor or downright toxic air quality, and certain molds and fungal colonies can rot wooden beams and undermine your home’s structural integrity. Because of these serious health and structural implications, mold outbreaks aren’t something you can afford to DIY. Leave it to our mold remediation professionals in Melissa, TX at Zeus Restoration.

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Wall sections eaten by mold, rotted framing or floor joists made spongy from water damage, or scorched wood and brick from a fire—when the worst happens to your home or business, call Zeus Restoration for disaster restoration in Melissa, TX. No matter what has happened, we can restore it.

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Biohazard Restoration

Like mold, removal of biohazardous materials is not something you want to do yourself. It’s best to use a professional service like Zeus to mitigate a biohazard in your home, because we are highly trained in all of the safety procedures surrounding these materials. Trying to remove or clean up a biohazard situation yourself could cost you plenty more than money, so don’t chance it. Our experts are certified in the identification of biohazardous materials and the industry standards that must be followed for their proper removal and disposal.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is a great way to keep your home air quality high. Ducts are the perfect hiding place for unhealthy microbes, mold spores, dust—all the stuff that can have potentially serious effects on people with asthma, severe allergies, and other respiratory difficulties. Our team can help you breathe easier by cleaning out your air ducts and inspecting your HVAC system to ensure the air quality in your home or business is the best it can be.

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We Deliver Quality Work

When you’ve got severe damage and need disaster restoration in your Melissa, TX home or business, you won’t find a better crew of professionals than the certified specialists of Zeus Restoration. We’ve been at this for more than two decades; we know what we’re doing, and we do it 24/7. “Normal” is just one phone call away with Zeus’ local disaster restoration team in Melissa, TX!

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